• On the first Saturday of May 1997, the flagship edition of the Voice Communication Group rolled off the press. This began a proud new era of the South Asian community of the GTA.


  • Stated to be the largest ethnic community in Canada in the near future, the South Asian community, estimated to be over one million in the GTA, comprises of immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and people of Indian origin who migrated to Canada from Africa, Europe, Guyana, Caribbean’s and the Gulf, all sharing a common cultural thread.


  • It’s important to note that Canada receives its immigrant population from over 200 countries of origin and according to 2010 census, 30, 252 individuals\ immigrated to Canada from India which amounts to 10.8% of the total immigrants out of which people from Punjabi community contributed a lot in the city of Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.


  • Data released by Statistics Canada from the 2011 census revealed that over 200 languages make up the linguistic portrait of the country. The census shows that the most common immigrant language in Canada is Punjabi spoken by 460,000 people. When Punjabi speakers are grouped together with others who speak a closely related language such as Urdu, their numbers total 1,180,000.


  • Awaaz Newspaper is the most trusted Punjabi language newspaper in GTA, printed in broad sheet size with over 10000 copies every Wednesday. The word “Awaaz” stand for “Voice” in Punjabi. Punjab province is the largest and richest source of immigrants to Canada. Punjabi Awaaz newspaper is popular among the community in GTA. Awaaz enjoys a special position among the Punjabi speaking population.